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About the Author

Kris Taylor’s passion for developing leaders is evident in her coaching, speaking, teaching, writing and consulting work. Her 30 years work experience are rich in variety – from Fortune 200 (15 years) to non-profit (10 years) to her current success in her change and leadership practice for the past 10 years. Over that time, Kris has been blessed to work in a multitude of roles, including organizational change and development, leadership, learning, and human resources, and operations. There has been one consistent outcome, no matter the role: her ability to promote, lead and implement positive change.

"Kris Taylor’s book is a refreshing take on how to provide leadership in a world that is increasingly complex and fast-paced. For new and seasoned leaders alike, each lesson offers a powerful combination of practical guidance and wisdom, delivered in simple, straight-forward way – a must-have resource for anyone tasked with making sense of chaos."

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Rhonda Young | First Solar

  • Find constructive ways to deal with the pace and complexity of today's world
  • Create a better future - for themselves, their team or their organization
  • Implement positive change wherever they are
  • Engage and develop others - and don't have time or a big budget to do it
  • Focus and energize their team - and get beyond the drama
  • Use conflict to fuel innovation and performance

What People Are Saying

"I am on a different trajectory today because of Kris Taylor’s work and writings.  I experienced her teachings, particularly chapters 1 through 4, which shifted my thinking completely about my leadership, career, and life.  I am now CEO of my own company and loving every minute of it."

Angela Nuttle | President of Corporate OD Strategies

"Kris Taylor has turned 20 years of experience into a guide that will stretch your thinking and push you toward meaningful leadership. This book is jam-packed with ideas and must dos to help you become a better leader—one who is ready for the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world that is upon us. Whether you implement one of the exercises; explore an end-of-chapter resource; or apply an action from one of the many lists you’ll find practical guidance on every page. The connections to dozens of other resources, websites, blogs, and articles, double the value of this book. This is a must read from a thought leader who has devoted her career to helping others learn to lead in turbulent times."

Elaine Biech| EBB Associates Inc, author The Business of Consulting, editor The ASTD Leadership Handbook

This book is for leaders who want to:

"Leadership is about being, not doing. I've known few people who understand this as well as Kris Taylor. “The Leader’s Guide to Turbulent Times” will make you think deeply about leadership, build your self-awareness and make you a more effective leader in good times and bad."

Mike Donahue | President of Newgrange Consulting, past Vistage Chair

"Kris Taylor is a Leader Whisperer.  With grace and empathy, she has built a successful career helping leaders evolve from where they are to where they must go.  Her insights in this book are a powerful gift to those of us striving to lead more effectively."

Lou Russell | Queen/CEO Russell Martin & Associates, Author of 10 Steps to Successful Project Management, IT Leadership Alchemy and others….

"Kris Taylor take the latest theory on organizational change and clearly translates into an action plan that inspires people to push through the fear of change and embrace the possibilities.  She is a gifted visionary thinker, writer and speaker who has honed her craft through years of real world situations that make her the "real deal". If organizational change is your key priority Kris Taylor is your guru. "

MaryAnn Rivers | President, CBO, (Chief Balance Officer)/Owner Balance Works Leadership Development

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